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Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica

You can’t consider your holidays perfect or satisfactory if you don’t feel safe and welcomed enough. At PEXS, we will change that perspective and make you feel at home with the comfort of our luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica.

What is the best accommodation option you need for a vacation?

Hotels, motels, and inns will always be a top priority considered before you begin to travel. Most times, the choice of accommodation will only occur to you on arrival at your destination.

Without deciding on where to stay during a holiday trip, you might end up spending more than expected for such a vacation. Such extra expenses will elude your wallet due to certain circumstances like unsatisfactory services, non-conducive environment, and other factors. Hotels are a good option, but for a long and profitable relaxation period, a vacation rental is the best option. With vacation rentals, you get to live in a home and not merely a roof over your head.

What is a vacation rental?

A vacation rental, as implied by the name, is a house for rent, a vacation or holiday. Vacation rentals are guest houses, cottages or apartments of any kind, offered for a short term, by travel agents, individuals or tourist services.

Before choosing a rental, you should locate, search on, and confirm the features of these houses accurately. These systems of accommodation serve a unique purpose to travelers who want to get the best out of their vacation. Our luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica, are some of the best accommodation options.

Hotel vs. a vacation rental

Hotels are not as cost-effective as apartments rented out to travelers for holiday breaks. There are many utilities available at a vacation-rented house that a motel will never provide. Some of these beneficiary features are;

  1. Privacy: At a hotel, there will always be moments of a hundred knocks on your door per day. Housekeeping, room service, and noise from other guests are things that would get under your skin. Especially when the primary purpose of the trip is peace. With a rented apartment, you’ll have the privacy you want, without any disturbance.
  2. Space: A hotel can be as large as the owners want it to be, but when you book a single room, that single room is what you get throughout your stay. If you choose a rented villa for a holiday, all the rooms within the house will be yours to use. If you are to travel with family, it is the best option, since every member will be able to get their zone of privacy.
  3. Also, expenses such as meals and entertainment are at the least for a rented cottage, since these factors would be your responsibility. And they will meet your desires.

At PEXS, we invite you to experience the most reassuring and peaceful aura at our luxury vacation rentals in Costa Rica. With our services, you will indeed find a home away from home.

Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica
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Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Rentals Costa Rica


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