Karma Movers — your neighborhood moving partner. We are proud to say that our clients have commended our moving crew for being professional and friendly partners. And it’s our commitment to continue our values with every client we deal. Even if you’re in the query stage, we provide a professional service. Do you have questions? Call us. We’re open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

We are recognized for our prompt and meticulous work giving a hassle-free move to our clients. But we offer more than just that. Here are the promises we’re committed to providing you.

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Moving Company St Petersburg

Maker it Easy with Moving Company in St Petersburg

We’ve all heard the story of Aladdin and how he was granted three wishes from the genie in the magic lamp. And we all have thought about what three wishes we would make if we were to find that lamp. Would it be for personal gain or to find fame? Would it be to find love? Would it be something that would help humanity? If you are facing a relocation you might certainly think about using one of those wishes to magically move all your possessions instantly and worry-free to your new house and avoid the hassles of moving.

Unfortunately, Aladdin’s lamp remains a folklore icon so those facing a move are forced to choose a less romantic way to get their stuff from point A to point B. Renting a moving van and plying friends with the promise of pizza and beer is a popular moving method but the mover may regret this if his help is more interested in the beer than the work of moving.

No Magic Lamp Here

If you are in the Florida area, the most logical remaining choice for a move is to use the services of a professional moving company in St Petersburg like Karma Movers. We offer professional packing and moving services for individuals and commercial customers and will go out of our way to accommodate any special moving needs you may have.

One of the most important and ignored aspects of moving is the planning stage. If you have possessions that are more suitable for the junkyard or too large to fit into your new dwelling, then consider getting rid of those items before calling a mover. Karma movers will work with you to plan out exactly what is needed and will advise on either a full service or partial service move.

Another money saver is to move your clothing and small items yourself using your own vehicle and let the “muscle” of Karma Movers handle only the large difficult items. If you do have the time you can carefully pack your own dishware, small kitchen appliances, and decorative items into a moving box for the movers to pick up. And if you simply want to avoid the task of moving altogether, then Karma Movers will be happy to handle it all.

Move my Business

Business owners will be happy to know that Karma Movers can help relocate their furniture and equipment to a new office or building and minimize any downtime. We are experts in maximizing the space in large moving trucks and vans. We are, of course, licensed and insured to protect you from any unlikely mishap. And you will avoid any possibility of a workmen’s compensation claim by choosing not to use your employees for a move.

Finally, Karma Movers will not hit you with any surprise charges at the end of the move because our experts will have already surveyed your home or business and considered every contingency including items like pianos and other hard to move items. We have helped hundreds of people in the St. Petersburg area so when you need to plan a move, call the best moving company in St Petersburg, Karma Movers, at 727-328-4448 for a consultation. And save that last genie’s wish for something nice for yourself.

Moving Company St Petersburg
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