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Piano Movers St Petersburg Fl

Musical instruments require special handling. Some are easy to move because they can be carried by one person without any problems. Pianos are much larger than most other instruments and they have moving parts that could be damaged. They require special piano movers in St. Petersburg, FL.

Piano Movers in St. Petersburg, FL

Pianos aren’t as simply to move as they may seem. Besides being extremely heavy, they have a number of components that can easily be jostled out of place if not handled properly. The piano should always kept in an upright position at all times during the move. If it is tipped or raised it could negatively impact the inner workings of the piano.

For these reasons, it is best only to choose professional piano movers in St. Petersburg, FL. The first step is to determine your exact moving needs. If you have purchased a used piano, for instance from a private party, you need to hire a company to deliver it to your home.

Information for Piano Movers in St. Petersburg, FL

Piano movers in St. Petersburg, FL will need to know a few details before the day of the move. The size and make of the piano is important because they will need to estimate the approximate weight. They will also need to know the dimensions of the piano and whether it will safely fit through a door.

It is also important to note whether there are any stairs at either end of the move. If there is an elevator, will it fit the piano without having to tip or tilt it on one side? The pedals and wires may need to be secured before the move. The moving company knows how to do this without causing damage to the instrument.

It is best to choose a moving company with experience moving pianos. This means that they will be able to safely move your piano without concern that it will be harmed. The moving company will also provide you with some insurance options so that you can be certain that the piano is covered should any damage occur.

The movers utilize special equipment such as dollies that make moving the piano easier and more secure. Moving the piano to and from the moving van is just part of the process. The piano must be properly secured while it is in transit. It cannot be allowed to move or tilt during the move. Also, boxes and other items cannot be placed on it or in a manner that would cause them to fall onto the instrument.

Once the piano arrives at the destination the movers will make sure that it is placed in its final position so that it is ready for use. When you are preparing for a move or have purchased a piano and need to have it delivered, count on our experienced team to provide expert services. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services or to request a quote for moving your piano.

Piano Movers St Petersburg Fl
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Piano Movers St Petersburg Fl Piano Movers St Petersburg Fl Piano Movers St Petersburg Fl Piano Movers St Petersburg Fl


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