Karma Movers — your neighborhood moving partner. We are proud to say that our clients have commended our moving crew for being professional and friendly partners. And it’s our commitment to continue our values with every client we deal. Even if you’re in the query stage, we provide a professional service. Do you have questions? Call us. We’re open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

We are recognized for our prompt and meticulous work giving a hassle-free move to our clients. But we offer more than just that. Here are the promises we’re committed to providing you.

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St Petersburg Moving

If you are in St. Petersburg and need help moving let us at Karma Movers help you. We will meet your moving needs with a customized, all inclusive service plan. If you are downsizing Karma Movers will make your items fit in the new home. The team at Karma Movers is the epitome of professional behavior and will not add to the natural stress of moving to a new place. We help clients whether they are staying in St. Petersburg or going elsewhere. Karma Movers is fully licensed and insured in Florida.

Local Moving

Karma Movers will pack and move items for you. We can also take care of specialty items such as pianos and antiques. We will find a way to protect and move any special items you have. No cardboard will go to waste while Karma Movers organizes and fits your items together. We will also take care of items that need to be disassembled and reassembled when we get to your new home. No request is too big or small for Karma Movers. Your requests will be handled on your schedule. We are happy to answer any questions you have at any point in the service.

Moving and Packaging Services

At Karma Movers of St. Petersburg our moving and packaging services are customized to meet each customer’s needs. Trust our team to pack your items securely so they will not be damaged in transit. By hiring Karma Movers you will actually save money on packaging and cardboard boxes. We know what kind of packaging will be right for your items. Karma Movers trains every staff member to properly wrap household items. You can choose full or partial moving and packaging services. Our partial service means we will help you move breakable and perishable items. The drivers at Karma Movers know the best routes to take in St. Petersburg and how to avoid traffic problems.

Commercial Moving

Not only will Karma Movers help someone move to a new home, we also help business owner’s move to a new work location. Partial moving and packing services are very popular with Karma Movers’ commercial moving clients. Our loading and unloading service really comes in handy for our commercial moving clients. The staff at Karma Movers knows how to maximize space in the vehicle being used to move your items. It may even help you avoid needing an additional moving truck. Karma Movers also has the right tool to load and unload your items from the moving truck, at no extra cost to you. We have special loading techniques for a client’s belongings. Our special loading techniques make loading and unloading items much faster.

For more information on the services at Karma Movers call 727-592-5545 or submit your information on our contact page. Price quotes are not given on the phone or via e-mail. We will not give you a price quote until after we see your items. It is our way of offering a fair price for the services you need.

St Petersburg Moving
Karma Movers
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