Moving is a complex process. There are a lot of things to consider when you are moving to a new home. The process may seem a bit more overwhelming if you are an elderly person. But if you handle things a bit strategically, you will find the process a lot easier. In this post, we will provide some tips for senior moving in Saint Petersburg.

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Make a plan

Before you dive into action, it is important to make some important decisions. There will be a portion of the moving process that you will prefer to do yourself. There are different types of moving services.

Depending on your needs, you may want to hire movers to do the moving only, or you can hire a full-fledged moving service that takes responsibility for the entire process. Decide which items you will place into storage. Then, make sure you have a timeline of actions so that you do not feel too overwhelmed.

Cut back on the number of belongings

Downsizing is exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Take your time, figure out which items you no longer need, and give them to your near and dear ones. You can also consider donating some of those items. There will always be some items that you do not need to but love to keep. Keep them.

You should not be late in starting the process of downsizing, because senior moving in Saint Petersburg can be pretty complicated. There is a great chance that you will find a lot of unnecessary items in the garage, basements, and closets.

Break down the tasks

If you look at the task as a whole, moving and so downsizing will seem a bit intimidating. But if you break down the tasks into manageable pieces, you will feel a lot more comfortable. No matter how minimalistic you are, there are a lot of items in your house. So you should not underestimate the enormity of the project.

Decide how you will use your space

What is the size of the new home you are moving into? It is time to know the exact size because it will help you know how much downsizing you really need. Planning out your new space is one of the most important parts of the process. Make decisions about your collections, furniture, clothing, and books.

Make a list of the most important items

It is important to figure out which items are the most important to you. You may have numerous possessions, but all are not equally important to you. Think like a minimalist and make a shortlist. You will come up with some items you can not do without. Moving is expensive, and that is why you should not take every single thing you have.

Move large items first

You will have some sense of progress if you start with large furniture first. If you handle the large items first, you will find it easier to work with the smaller ones. It will create some space so that the moving crew can work comfortably.

Let go of some possessions

When you are faced with the task of downsizing, you may find it hard to let go of the things that you do not even need. It’s hard because you value your possessions emotionally. But you need to get rid of them somehow.

You can consider donating them to non-profit agencies. You can give some of them to your near and dear ones. When it comes to senior moving in Saint Petersburg, you should think like a minimalist.

Focus on one task at a time

If you try to deal with all the tasks at a time, you will find them pretty overwhelming. That is why it is a good idea to focus on only one task at a time. It will make you relaxed, and you will gradually get things done. Do not try to complete everything within an hour!

Use a method of sorting your items

To identify the items, you are going to donate, and which ones you are going to keep, you can use colored stickers. Who will receive those items? Make a list of those people. This sorting system will reduce your stress, and as a result you will feel less overwhelmed.

Let the movers pack your possessions

Professional movers know how to pack items such as linens, dishes and furniture. These professionals use the right equipment. If you assign the task to these persons, they will take care of your possessions in the best possible way.

There are many dedicated movers to assist in senior moving in Saint Petersburg. So it is not a good idea to do it yourself. Before hiring a team, ask them whether they provide packing services. Karma Movers has experienced moving crew who can provide high-quality packing services.

Keep a move-day suitcase

After arriving at your new destination, you may have some issues find your towels, dishes, sheets and outfits. That is why you should get a move-day suitcase ready and keep those essential items in the suitcase.

You should also keep a flashlight and a first aid kit. This way you will always get these items at your fingertips. You will not have to dive into different boxes to find these items.

Save fond memories

During downsizing, you will find some items that have emotional value to you. These items may not be important for their usefulness, but you have your memories attached to them. When you identify a treasured item, ask yourself whether you want to preserve it for the future.

It is not always necessary to keep these items physically. For example, if you have some photos, you can scan them and keep them electronically.

Stay in touch

When you are relocating, you are going to have a different address. You should let your near and dear ones know that. Do not forget to include associations, publications, banks and post office. Keep them prepared in advance and mail them before you move. Pay for the utilities. Whether we talk about senior moving in Saint Petersburg or somewhere else, this is a very important thing to consider.

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Ask for help

Moving can be a stressful process—both physically and emotionally. So make sure you involve others in the process and share your experiences with them. That does not mean that you should wait for their support. Dive into action, even if the task seems intimidating.

Be patient

It is hard to leave home where you have spent many years. For senior citizens, the process is harder. There is nothing wrong about leaving familiar things behind. But remember, leaving does not mean getting rid of everything. You are just simplifying your life. Be patient and reward yourself with the things you love.

Whether you are going far or relocating to a nearby town, a moving company can make things a lot easier for you. But all moving companies are not equally good, and that is why you should be choosy when hiring one. Karma Movers is one of the best moving companies in Saint Petersburg, Florida. If you need moving services, this company is just a phone call away.

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