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Moving is a stressful experience for any human being. It becomes more stressful when it is for a long distance move, whether it is for a household move to your new home or work station location or just rearranging the heavy objects. Moving companies save you from lifting heavy objects without any worries. This is the most familiar reason for getting a professional long distance moving company to help you.

Why should you pick Our Movers in St Petersburg?

Moving is a very stressful job, that’s where the long distance moving company and moving storage company like Karma Movers St Petersburg FL comes in for stress free move and store your heavy valuables. Long distance moving companies like us understand your moving needs and concerns about the trustworthy service in relocating your valuable objects. We aim to give you a great and successful move.

Tampa Long Distance Moving Services and Relocation Company

We prioritize your own moving plan and complete tasks. We also prioritize your customized plan to meet your needs, schedule, and budget in the most efficient way possible. We have gained the name of the Most Dependable Moving Company in St Petersburg for our many years of experience and flexible moving services we have offered to the customers.

Moving Services We offer in Florida

We handle interstate, long distance, and across country move operations from St Petersburg. We are properly registered and licensed movers with the best moving truck. We provide trustworthy services within the same state, long distance, and across the country.

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Intrastate Moves:

We provide relocation services within St Petersburg. Our service charges are one of the cheapest in the US.

Long Distance Move:

Long distance moving company or interstate move company like Karma Movers St Petersburg FL offer a long distance move which exceeds (100 miles) radius. Long distance movers can conduct move both within the state and across the state. We provide this service from St Petersburg as well. Our Longer distance moving has insurance policies to protect the transported items. We charge the cost of long distance movers, according to the quote you provided. 

Cross Country Moves:

If you want to move your belongings to another country, we operate across country move service from St Petersburg also. The moving across country move costs depends on the volume of shipment, your new home location, import policy, transportation, etc.  

Services We Offer

We provide all service options regarding the moving and storage of your items. Services are:


We will remove your stress and save your time regarding packing your belongings. With our packing options, you will be able to use our supplies at a cheap cost. Our crews will take care of the task regardless of the size, the weight of your shipment, or destination. We can supply our supplies if customers require. Our skilled crews will pack your items as securely as possible before leaving the home.


We provide maximum full value protection in loading your valuable items to our trucks. Our crews will lift your fragile items with utmost care.


As an expert in the professional moving industry, we ensure a seamless and safe moving experience. We provide the most convenient and reliable services. Our packages are designed to save you money and valuable time.


When we reach your new home, our staff will take care of lifting all the heavy items from the truck – loading and unloading your items. You don’t have to worry about the damage to your stuff.


Unpacking is a bit more stressful and may take a longer time. Our crews will help you to make things organized and put your items in your new home. Our unpacking service allows you to focus on your other important things. Our task won't be finished until you are settled in your new home.

Supplies facilities:

We have our own moving boxes and supplies facility. We can supply our supplies for you if you require. We sell our moving supplies at a very reasonable price.

Storage facility:

We also offer storage facilities with the inclusion of term storage facilities to ease your storage needs. We are associated with United States' American moving storage association. You will able to store your valuable items with us throughout the move process to accommodate your needs.

How Do We Conduct A Move?

Are you thinking of relocating your belongings? We are here to provide you a secured moving service across the country, long distance, intrastate service. We will make storage and moving your items as simple as possible. Here is how we operate the move plan:

  • When you are thinking of moving your items, we will not let you do it alone. Contact our dedicated customer care agents and let us help you with care, they will make arrangements for our services. 
  • We have all types of services, let us do the pack, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking for you. 
  • If you need supplies, we have that facility also at the cheapest price.
  • Our crews will aid you to schedule a date before your final movement. On moving day, we will be at your place on time.
  • Our crew moves your items according to your preference.

Flexible Pricing

Our moving service costs are one of the cheapest costs around St Petersburg. Karma Movers St Petersburg FL team prices are based on your preference of moving type, space you need, item’s size & weight, storage cost, and other costs. We mostly rely upon your quotation and then we figured that out. You can contact a reliable consultant to help you to decide. Get a free long distance moving quote today from our team to see your price. Booking a quote is free.

Experienced Team & Superior Customer Care

Karma Movers St Petersburg Florida provides helpful and friendly customer service during the move. If you want a moves checklist, supplies information, your inquiries about the process, we are always ready to aid you with our first class moving systems to track the process. You can contact us at 727-328-4448 phone number or email us at [email protected]. We give maximum priorities to our customers. Book a free quote today – Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Packing Tips for you

If you want to pack some of your belongings for long distance move on your own, make sure what our team of experts say about packing. Here are a few tips:

  • Do not pack and move something which you do not need for long distance moves.
  • Try to collect right sized boxes.
  • Don’t unpack clothes and groceries first.
  • Give specific color labels on boxes for specific rooms and in furniture parts for reassembling.
  • For distance move, don’t overpick on boxes.
  • Fill the box's void.
  • Don’t pack flammable items for long distance moves.
  • Use newspaper or bubble wrapper for fragile items to travel for long distance moves.
  • Use plastic wrap to avoid leaks.
  • Pack your cloth carefully. Clothes can take up a lot of storage in trucks.
  • Don' rush on moving day.
  • Do not throw the boxes into the truck. Put boxes gently.

Hire The Right Long Distance Mover

Any long distance movers, moves to another country and intrastate move companies require the proper authority to perform any kinds of movement. Karma Movers St Petersburg FL moving company is fully registered and licensed with the U.S dot to provide all intrastate, moves to another country, and long-distance moving services. We offer a full service on high distance moving service for you. We recommend you to look for trusted professionals like us because we provide one of the best long distance moving services. For any Tampa long distance moving services. Get a free quote or call our customer care phone number for more inquiries.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I choose any day to load my belongings? You should work with your move coordinator to decide on a definite date for your move. Keep in mind as you are deciding that availability is a factor in how cost is determined.
  2. How do you make sure my goods are safe and secure during the long-distance moving process? The first thing that will be done is taking a detailed inventory of your items. Then, your household goods that is being packed and taken by Karma Movers will be appropriately logged.
  3. How many movers do I need for my move in Saint Petersburg?

    2 movers Most people moving in Saint Petersburg hire 2 movers to come out on moving day. Read more about hiring the right number of movers.


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