Every single day, about one thousand people relocate to Florida. These people include empty-nesters, retirees, beach bums and alligator enthusiasts. The Sunshine State is famous for its famous attractions and warm climate.

Maybe you are a resident of this amazing state and you need to relocate from one place to another. In this post, we will provide some moving tips and tricks for moving to Florida.

Tips and Tricks for Moving in Florida 1

Find a good place

Florida is a large place and there are different types of people, landscapes, cultures, lifestyles. But if you want to really enjoy life, you must find the right place. Finding a good place is one of the first steps of the process.

Maybe you are living in a place in Florida where things are a bit monotonous, but things will change if you just move to a new place in the same state. For the beaches, you can check out Southeast Florida and Miami.

In these places you will also find vibrant culture and hopping nightlife. For the experience of a small-town lifestyle, you can choose the Florida Panhandle. For fishing waters, the western coast is a good place. Here you will also find ample golf courses.

Choose a good moving company

When it comes to moving in Florida, finding a good moving company is one of the most important things to consider. In Florida, there are some really good moving companies and Karma Movers is one of them.

There are some companies that operate under different names. You should try to avoid those companies. Choose a company that has a local address. Another important thing is to see whether the company has a license.

Get recommendations

Your friends may be able to give you some recommendations, and they will certainly help you find a good moving company. When you speak with a mover, ask for references. If you can contact some of their previous customers, call them and ask them about the service of the particular moving company.

Another good way to know about a moving company is to read the reviews left by their previous customers. You can make your decision based on those customer reviews.

Think about the pros and cons

Yes, there are many good places to move in Florida, but there are also some places you may not like at all. You should consider both pros and cons. On one hand, you will not have to shovel snow here, because the entire state is warm. On the other hand, sometimes the weather gets too hot.

You will enjoy abundant wildlife, beautiful scenery, low housing costs and ample beaches. But you will also have to deal with part-time residents and the influx of tourists. But if you can choose a suitable location, the pros will certainly outweigh the cons.

Do not relocate in summer

In Florida, the weather is very hot in the summer. From June to August, sometimes the temperatures become unbearable. So, if possible, do not move to this state in summer. Due to the heat, it will be very hard to move boxes and furniture. In extreme cases, you can even experience heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

If you consider moving in Florida, do it from November through May. Even in these months, you should stay hydrated and take breaks.

Contact the DMV

Within ten days of your arrival, your out-of-state car should be registered with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. Within 30 days, you will have to get your driver’s license.

Depending on your previous state, the requirements of identification vary. So, prior to moving to the Sunshine State, you have to contact the DMV. But if you have been living in Florida, you will not have to consider any of these things.

Tips and Tricks for Moving in Florida 2

Get ready for unpredictable weather

Yes, the weather of Florida is pleasant, but sometimes it can get really unpredictable. The weather varies wildly, and that is why you should be ready for it. Sometimes you will have to deal with thunderstorms and lightning strikes. If you live in the southern part, you will have to deal with hurricanes. But do not let the weather discourage you.

Get to know the laws

Before you move from one place to another in Florida, make sure you know some of the laws. The laws may not be strictly obeyed in your current locality in Florida, but things may be a bit different in your destination. The laws are not much different across the United States, but, like most other states, Florida has its own specific laws.

For instance, it is a violation of law if you fall asleep at the hair salon. No matter how weird the laws, it is a good idea to be acquainted with them.

Keep some insect repellant

Florida is a state of high humidity and hot weather. So you will see a lot of insects there. According to a survey, Florida has about 12500 species of insects. You will find many species you have never seen.

Common insects include fire ants, palmetto bugs, mosquitoes and termites. You will be safe if you keep some insect repellant. This is one of the most important things to consider when moving to Florida.

Research sinkholes

There are a lot of sinkholes in Florida, because the state is built on limestone. If you do not do some research before you move to the Sunshine State, you may find sinkholes even in your backyard.

If you are moving in an area where there are sinkholes, you must do some research before choosing a location. Thus you will be able to prevent risks. If you have to deal with this problem, do not let it discourage you. You will certainly find safe places.

Be prepared to see wildlife

In Florida, you will come across a lot of wildlife. The Sunshine State is home to small and big fascinating creatures. Apart from alligators, you will see many other animals there.

If you do not see much wildlife around your old home, you will certainly see them once you move to your new home. Get ready to see bears, bald eagles, pelicans, armadillos and crocodiles.

Lighten your load

When you are moving in Florida, you must pay attention to downsizing your possessions. Get rid of the things you do not need. If you have some bulky items such as mattresses, determine whether you should move them. After reaching your destination, you can buy a mattress.

Downsizing is not easy at all. You will find it hard to part with some items even if you do not need them. It happens because we are often emotionally attached to the items we possess. However, before a long-distance move, lightening your load is always a good idea.

Bring your medical records

Contact your family doctor and get copies of medical records of all your family members. Once you have moved in Florida, you will have to show these medical records to your new doctor there. This simple act will save you a lot of costs later.

Moving in Florida is basically not much different from moving in other states. But this state has some unique aspects and you should consider them before you plan your move. A good moving company can make things a lot easier for you.

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