Relocation supplies in a company is a significant initiative that should be highly taken into consideration. This is particularly true in the case scenario where you have been in a particular office for many years without relocating. The truth is that you may spend more time in such an office than you do in your abode. That is the reason why it is so vital that while you're the process of relocation, you do not let your office to disappear during the move. Take a bit of additional reserve time in preparing the room for a move. You will be astonished at how to make your office the appropriate way will aid in creating a smoother changeover once you reach and settle in the new office. Furthermore, it is essential to have a list during the relocation that will help you to stay put during the whole relocation period.

Use the relocation packing list below to stay on track during your relocation process.

If two months out

  • Commence researching the exact location where you are moving.
  • What will be the duration taken to commute to that new area?
  • What is the type of parking in the new office chosen?
  • You may also require hiring movers to come to your place of residence.

If one month out

It would be best if you commenced disintegrating your office. Forge ahead and just try and abandon any non-essential material.

Start to organize your day to day items. Try to ensure that you put aside the day to day content of your office.

Make an investment in sturdy binders. The action of moving can be pretty overwhelming on your paperwork. Request your supervisors to assist you with sturdy fasteners or moving boxes to neatly organize your bulk of paperwork and hence prevent them from being destroyed while in the move.

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If one week out

Make sure you set the out-of-office responder for job emails. If the relocation process needs you to skip days of work, kindly ensure that you have the email responder configured to out-of-office.

Ensure you make contact with valuable clients. Be certain to remind those clients or companies that you are actually relocating. You can send them a snap email or even make attempts to call them to ascertain that everything is well and good while you are in the process of moving.

Make it a priority correctly labels the necessary items. Cross-check that all of your boxes are appropriately labeled with your full names and the name of the department.

Take to your place of residence the vital personal items and plants. It would be best if you verified that you take to your abode everything that is personal in nature so that it does not get damaged or stolen while in transit with the movers.

You are also required to check in with the relevant supervisor. Ensure that you check in with the required supervisor to ascertain that you are not omitting any critical procedure needed when relocating.

We pray and hopefully anticipate that this relocation packing list aids you in your office moving supplies. If you have any disturbing queries about moving supplies, resettlement process, and hiring Karma Movers to assist during this exercise, kindly feel free to contact us at 718-313-0552