The moving distance, complexity, and level of service are all factors that affect how much you tip movers. This is everything you need about tipping movers.

Most people are familiar with the local customs of tipping at bars and restaurants. Other service jobs aren’t so straightforward. One example is moving. There is often confusion about how much tipping is appropriate. This quick guide will answer all your questions regarding tipping local or long distance movers.

Do You Tip Movers?

Tipping movers is a customary, but not mandatory practice. Tipping movers is a customary but not required practice. However, it is important to tip if you receive good service.

On average, movers earn $16.00 an hour. This is more than double the hourly wage of an average waiter, who earns $8.00 an hour. This doesn’t mean that movers are underpaid. Waiters rely on tips to supplement their hourly earnings while tipping movers is more of an incentive.

It is polite to tip movers if you feel the service was satisfactory or better than you expected. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by the movers, you can withhold the tip. Moving is a difficult job and all those who do it well deserve fair compensation. Some moving companies are more careful and professional than others with your belongings. You don’t need to tip if you feel that the service received was not worthy of a bonus.

What’s the best way to tip movers?

Cash tips are preferable and it is better to tip each member of the moving crew than to pay a lump sum to one. Some moving companies offer the option of tipping when you pay with your credit card. This is similar to how you tip a waiter at a restaurant. You can decide how much you tip, but you should only do what makes your heart happy.

There are other ways to show appreciation

It’s not easy work, so you hire someone to help you move. It’s not necessary, but there are other ways to show your appreciation for your movers. It’s a great way to show appreciation and make them feel at ease by providing bottled water or other cold beverages.

For extra long moves, consider providing a meal, like pizza or sandwiches. It is also a common practice to provide movers with access to the bathroom. Businesses appreciate positive reviews online and word-of-mouth recommendations if they had a great experience.

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