Moving a piano is not like moving furniture. This bulky and fragile instrument is of great value, and it’s pretty hard to relocate. If you need to relocate a piano, it is a good idea to hire a local mover that specializes in handling pianos. You will be able to save yourself a lot of trouble if you can hire piano movers you can rely on.

It will give you some peace of mind because you will not have to worry about the safety of your piano. But how do you find good piano movers? In this post, we will show you how to find the best piano movers in Saint Petersburg.

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Hire professionals only

Moving a piano is a hard process that requires some knowledge and experience. Some ordinary piano movers will try to convince you that moving a piano is just like moving furniture. Do not believe them. When moving a piano, you also have to secure the dividers and ground surface.

If you hire inexperienced movers, you may need to deal with some unexpected circumstances. So, when it comes to hiring a moving company, be as choosy as possible. Before you hire a team, ask them if they have previously moved pianos.

Check if they use the right equipment

Moving companies that undertake the serious task of piano moving should always use the right equipment. The process of moving pianos is a bit risky, and that is why you should ask the company what type of equipment they use. Ask them whether they have blankets, straps, and shoulder dollies. These things will ensure the safety of your piano.

You can expect a good job if the company has experience in moving a piano. There are some moving companies that specialize in moving musical instruments. These relocations require quality equipment and special planning. Karma Movers is one of the best piano movers in Saint Petersburg.

Ask them if they have a proper storage solution

Right piano movers provide not only transportation services but also temporary storage solutions. These movers know how to store your musical instrument in the best possible way. Storing a piano may sound easy but it is not. The storage units should be moisture-free, clean and climate-controlled.

Ask for recommendations

If you know a piano owner who has recently moved, ask them whether they can recommend a good piano moving company. Talk to your friends and family and they may be able to help you find a reliable moving company that specializes in piano moving.

Make sure you do not hand over your delicate items to people you do not trust. Getting recommendations is one of the best ways to find a reliable moving company. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of recommendations.

Ask questions

By asking certain questions, you can be sure that you are choosing a good relocation company. When your friends recommend a certain company, ask them whether they were pleased with the service. Ask them whether the team wrapped the piano when relocating. If not, what other methods did they use to safeguard the piano?

Look at their experience and license

Before you choose a piano moving company, make sure that it has the necessary license and experience. The piano movers should be able to show you the license. Make sure the license is legal. It is proof that you are hiring someone who has the necessary skills and expertise.

Is the company insured?

To make sure that your piano is protected during the move, you should ask the company if it has the proper insurance policy. If your piano is damaged, this insurance will guarantee that you will be compensated. Before you choose a piano moving company, checking insurance is one of the most important things to do.

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Read some reviews

When choosing a piano moving company, make sure that it has a website. On the site you will find customer reviews that will help you know what other customers think about the service of this particular company. It is important to know what other clients think about the service.

If customers are dissatisfied, you will find negative reviews. If the service is good, you will find positive reviews. Read the reviews and you will have some idea about the service of the company. When we talk about piano movers in Saint Petersburg, we must talk about Karma movers because they have some amazing customer reviews.

Make sure the service is affordable

When hiring a piano moving company, affordability is one of the most important things to consider. Yes, price can be an indicator for quality, but you should also check whether the company is charging abnormally high. If you smell a rat, simply move on to another company.

Yet, do not make the grave mistake of choosing the company that charges abnormally lower than others. In that case you will have to compromise the quality of the service. Be aware of the lowest price. Your piano may not play again!

Is the team well-organized?

When it comes to piano moving, every step of the process should be done with utmost care. Expert hands are needed to do this. But if the team is not well-organized, you can not expect high-quality service. That is why you have to make sure that the team members are familiar with one another.

But how do you know that? It is a really difficult question. But if you talk to the team leader and ask him questions about the other members of the team, you will understand whether the team is well-knit. Workers can offer their best only when they understand one another.

Budget estimation

You should talk to a few piano movers in Saint Petersburg and estimate the budget. You can also have some ideas of the expertise of a company when they estimate your budget. This is a good way to know their level of experience.

The budget usually depends on factors such as the distance of your destination, the size and type of your piano. Karma movers always provide precise estimates.


When choosing a piano moving company, make sure that it maintains good communication. To begin with, if you notice that the company does not answer your phone calls in a timely manner, you should take it as a warning sign that the company will not take things seriously. Communication is one of the most important things to consider.

Other things to consider

Do your research before making a decision. The most important thing is to see whether the movers really know how to move a piano. Remember, your piano is a very delicate item, and you should think twice before hiring a company to handle it.

We encourage you to read about different piano movers in Saint Petersburg so that you can make an informed decision. This knowledge will help you know what you are paying for. We hope you will find a good piano moving company.

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